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Welcome to Seven Pillars Program page, where you can register for our upcoming events and programs. If at any time you have questions, please do not hesitate to email us at wisdom[at]sevenpillarshouse[dot]org.

Wisdom Weekend: Experiencing the Cosmos
with Robin Becker & Paul Devereux
Friday September 19 - Sunday September 21

Please join Seven Pillars, Paul Devereux and Robin Becker for this enticing program, which will explore Cosmology: the story a culture tells itself about the nature and origins of the universe, and humanity’s place within it. Using illustrated presentations, guided meditation, movement exercises and dialogue, we will explore ways to integrate Science’s impersonal vista with the personal, embodied experience of our daily lives.

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Wisdom Salon: Healing the Wounds of the Soul
with Edward Tick & Robin Becker
Autumn/Winter, 2014

Edward Tick, the acclaimed psychologist and author of War and the Soul and the forthcoming Warrior’s Return sits down for an evening with choreographer, mystic and long-standing Seven Pillars’ Wisdom Council member Robin Becker to share visions for how we can heal the soul-level wounds of war.

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Wisdom Salon: Responding to the Cry of the World
with Christopher Bamford
Winter, 2015

Despite many extraordinary advances, the past century is strewn with acts of injustice and brutality, leading to significant trauma on the part of humanity and the Earth. Today, how do we authentically bear witness, remain hopeful and resilient, and respond with wisdom and grace to this legacy of suffering, while holding a mature vision of health and wholeness for the future? Join us for an evening exploration of this poignant theme.

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Seven Pillars House of Wisdom brings together a diverse community of people devoted to cultivating a living wisdom for our time. We draw on the intelligence of the natural world, humanity's sacred heritage, and contemplative insight to inform and inspire this pursuit. Through gatherings, media and the arts, we explore ways to respond with integrity and beauty to the needs of the world. For additional information please visit

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